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Welcome, I am so glad you're here! My name Taylor and I'm in the business of serving you. My greatest joy is making you feel beautiful inside and out! I am a Richmond, Virginia based photographer with a passion for people, a love for Jesus, and a desire to glorify God in everything I do. So, grab a glass of sweet tea, sit down, and fall in love with my clients like I did!

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I'm Taylor

Starting a business isn't the first thing people imagine when thinking about the everyday activities of a 13-year-old girl. They're right...I wasn't the typical middle school girl. This little dream of mine started on a hot summer day when my cousins and I were bored. No one had any other ideas, so I said "Go put on dresses and I'll grab a camera!" After several photoshoots with cousins and close friends, I made it into my own little business! Little did I know that what began as a fundraiser for my mission trip to Belize, Taylor Lynn Photography, would become one of my greatest joys in life. Not only because of the PHOTOGRAPHY aspect, but because of the PEOPLE aspect. I love meeting clients and making them feel beautiful in every way. I look forward to meeting you and illuminating your true beauty!

Welcome to my online home! I'm so glad you're here!

Virginia based photographer with a passion for people, a love for sweet tea, and a desire to glorify God in everything I do.

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a few of my

favorite things


I grew up in a home that is devoted to serving the Lord. I went to church every Sunday, and spent time reading the Bible each day. I am so thankful for the foundation that my relationship with Jesus began on. I am committed to doing everything to bring HIM glory.

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a few of my

favorite things

Sweet Tea

Boy, oh boy! I could get an IV of sweet tea and be perfectly happy! It's just
one of those things that I grew up with and have loved since day one! Chances are that my cup is almost always filled with sweet tea.

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a few of my

favorite things


Chick-Fil-A is hands down the BEST fast food restaurant ever.
I'm always ready for a chicken sandwich, french fries, and a sweet tea. 

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a few of my

favorite things

Kendra Scott

I have recently fallen in love with Kendra Scott's jewelry! I never owned any
until I was hired for an event in Summer 2016. Since then, my collection 
has grown SO much! If you haven't checked out their jewelry yet, I definitely encourage you to do so!

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a few of my

favorite things


Who doesn't love donuts?! One of the greatest things about Richmond
is that there are TONS of donut shops. We have Krispy Kreme, Sugar Shack, Country Style, and the list goes on...

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a few of my

favorite things


I could talk for DAYS about Belize! Belize stole a part of my heart
(if not the whole thing) in July of 2012. I fell in love with the culture, the people,
 and everything in between! I go each summer, and look forward
to my next trip whenever I'm not there!

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a few of my

favorite things


I LOVE traveling! Whether it's just a day trip to the beach or mountains,
a week in Europe, or a week in Belize--I'm in!

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a few of my

favorite things


People bring so much joy to my life! Whenever my parents ask 
what I want for my birthday, I always tell them to just put me in a room 
full of people and I'll be happy.

My philosophy is to shine the light of Jesus to illuminate your inner beauty by showcasing your outer beauty. My mission is to live my life in such a way that my clients will see Jesus through me.


Sweetheart sessions

Congratulations to the lovely bride and groom! Your wedding day is only the beginning of a lifetime of love and happiness. This exciting chapter will begin when you take your vows and your two hearts become one. I hope to capture the genuine love between you as the the bride and groom and I look forward to sharing this day with you! Thank you for inviting me to experience your wedding with you!

Love is patient. Love is kind. Love never fails. The love between you and your sweetheart is one that only the two of you understand. I look forward to capturing the bond that you share! Your session will include an hour of shooting, your fully edited photographs uploaded to an online gallery. These images will display a genuine and joyful life of love together! 

wedding collections
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Oh my goodness! You're graduating! This is such an exciting and joyful time in your life that should be captured for you! I hope to show your joy and show you just how beautiful (or handsome) you are! You can expect an hour of shooting with your fully edited photographs uploaded to an online gallery. This session is designed for you and can be personalized to fit your interests and hobbies! Congratulations on your upcoming graduation!

I believe that family is so important! A family session will give your family the opportunity to come together for precious family photos. The time we spend together will be a fun time for your family as we will create beautiful portraits of the most important people in your life. This will include an hour of shooting and photographs fully edited and uploaded to an online gallery.


Taylor did a lovely job with my graduation portraits! I had heard about her through a few of my friends around campus and was excited to have one of my own fellow students take my pictures. She was creative with poses and locations within the session but was also flexible and encouraged my own preferences too. During the shoot she was charming and passionate about her work, stopping every so often to show me the shots she had taken moments before. The best part was that she edited and turned around my pictures to deliver to me within hours after the session, sending sneak peaks as she was editing. I'd encourage anyone to have Taylor photograph their session!


Keziah Gehring

"she was charming and passionate about her work"

Let me start off by saying the praise I have towards Taylor Lynn Photography is beyond words! When searching for a photographer to capture images of my boyfriend and I while he was on leave from the Marine Corps Taylor Lynn Photography popped up on my Facebook news feed and I am SO thankful of that. I looked through her oh so beautiful images of other clients and immediately emailed her. She practically answered right away and was so flexible and excited to schedule a session. Upon meeting Taylor she was an instant joy. It was obvious Taylor was so ecstatic to photograph us which made the experience all the better. She had so many clever poses and backgrounds planned. Taylor is such a genuine person which made the session comfortable and fun. Another thing that struck me about Taylor is her passion for photography and capturing memories, it's always amazing to see someone doing what they truly love to do! I am still in awe of how wonderful our images turned out and how fast Taylor edited them and had them available to view! I completely recommend Taylor Lynn Photography, I promise you will be blown away by her phenomenal work! I know I will definitely be reconnecting with her for my future photography needs! Thank you SO much Taylor!


Anna wells + Nicholas jackson

"upon meeting taylor, she was an instant joy"

I found Taylor Lynn Photography by chance while searching for photographers around Richmond to have graduation photos taken. I was amazed by the talent Taylor possessed and the great prices she offered! Taylor replied quickly after I emailed her and was eager to set up my session quickly! Taylor liked my pinterest page in order to ensure all the photos I wanted taken were done and she even offered advice about possible poses we could do! The week prior to my session Taylor was constantly checking the weather and also checking in with me to ensure I had the best day and weather for my pictures! Taylor was absolutely amazing to work with and I could not have asked for better pictures! She knew the perfect lighting, angles and placement for pictures! When I left the session I could not wait to get the photos back! Taylor was sending me sneak peeks throughout the day and then had them all completed by that night! Taylor was genuinely as excited as I was about my pictures, which is another reason why I knew the photos would be phenomenal! I still cant believe how wonderful my pictures are as there was not one photo I did not like! I would recommend Taylor Lynn Photography to anyone! There is no way you could possibly be disappointed in her work! I cant thank her enough for the work she has done for me! Taylor will be the first person I call for future photography needs; I cant wait to work with her again in the future! 


Caitlin pickeral

"she knew the perfect lighting, angles and placements"

I’ve known Taylor for only two short years and she has easily and quickly managed to become one of the most kind and hardworking individuals I know, not to mention an extremely talented photographer! I was already pretty familiar with Taylor’s work before we decided to do a shoot together, as it was displayed all around the school and county and pretty hard to miss. Honestly all of my expectations were met not only be the finished product, but throughout the shoot as well. As I had imagined, Taylor’s vibrant personality completely carries into her work. She’s dedicated to her clients and works very hard to make them comfortable. Besides this, Taylor’s knowledge of background, lighting, subject matter, and how these all work together to create a successful photo, exceeds that of larger companies that I’ve been to for portraiture. Taylor offers enough guidance and suggestions, whilst still giving the client creative freedom during their shoot, a feat many other companies fail to balance successfully. Taylor is forever enthusiastic about her work and takes genuine interest in the people she photographs. Her love for people is very clearly reflected in the way she interacts with and photographs her clients, and the end product exemplifies the natural talent she has with the camera.


alexis anderson

"Taylor's vibrant personality completely carries into her work"

My experience with Taylor Lynn photography was absolutely fantastic. I wanted a few portrait shots for my college graduation, and she worked with my tight budget and hectic schedule! She was professional, lively and incredibly talented. She gave great direction with posing, which is someone I was concerned about. The best part of my experience was the speed in which she returned my pictures at. I had them mere hours after my session! I couldn't believe it. The pictures came out better than I could have ever anticipated. I would recommend Taylor Lynn photography to anyone.


Kristin kunz

"professional, lively and incredibly talented"

Taylor to the Rescue!
On the day my future son-in-law, Tyler was to propose to my daughter, Katerina, we were busy with "all the small details". Most importantly, we were working on distracting my daughter from wanting to go to the ice rink early, as the photographer that Tyler hired could not make it until 4pm. As the time approached and Tyler was communicating with the photographer, there was a realization...the photographer had the wrong day---he thought it was tomorrow! What are we to do????? "I know someone" and I made the call to Taylor. She said, "I will grab may camera and be there in 30 minutes". What a relief, the moment would be photographed by something other than our iPhones. BUT.....even though I had seen all of the wonderful pictures Taylor had posted on Facebook, we had no idea that the engagement pictures would turn out so well. No one could have taken better pictures or captured the moment more perfectly. We were all so impressed --what an amazing artist Taylor is. She saw things through the lens of her camera and then captured them for all time in the beautiful photos she took for us.


The future wilkerson couple

"no one could have captured the moment more perfectly"

I enjoyed getting my senior pictures done with Taylor! I knew she was a good photographer because when we went to Europe all of her pictures were amazing!! I knew I choose the right person to do my senior session. We went to Maymont and Taylor arrived on time and was ready to start. I felt very comfortable when we took the pictures she told me exactly what to do and where to look. I really enjoyed walking around with her and trying to find cool spots for pictures. I would absolutely recommend Taylor to anyone looking for a fun enjoyable experience. 


Katelyn Lane

"a fun, enjoyable experience"

My experience with Taylor Lynn Photography was fantastic! I first saw Taylor's photos through a mutual friend. There was something about the composition of her photos that really caught my eye, and made her different than any other photographer. The photo shoot itself was so much fun!! Taylor had so many great ideas for poses and backgrounds, but also welcomed any suggestions or requests I had. Both Taylor and her cousin, who helped with the shoot, were so kind and made me feel right at home. After the photo session, Taylor was very efficient in keeping me updated on the editing of the photos and uploading all of them. The first time I scrolled through the photos, I couldn't stop smiling. They had a wonderful quality and editing was fantastic! I am so lucky to have met Taylor and had the honor of having her take my senior portraits! 


Hannah concepcion

"I couldn't stop smiling"

Our family has had the pleasure of working with Taylor Lynn Photography for several family photo shoots. While we have worked with other talented photographers, Taylor is by far the most patient and talented one! Taylor takes the time to make sure that her subjects are comfortable and at ease for the session. It is amazing to see a young, talented, photographer working within a field to which she clearly belongs. If you're looking for a local, talented, patient, and kind photographer-look no further-as you won't find another more talented than Taylor Lynn! Taylor has not only won our business, she has won a very special place in our lives!


The Belcher Family

"She has won a very special place in our lives"

I’m so happy I chose to get my senior pictures done with Taylor! I couldn’t have asked for a more hassle-free, enjoyable experience. She has a unique ability to not only capture the individuality and character of her subject, but make them feel very comfortable as well. Taylor really was a pleasure to work with; she obviously loves her job! The quality of all of the pictures was amazing, and definitely not cookie-cutter. She also had the pictures ready very quickly, my session was in the morning and they were ready later that evening. I highly recommend her as a photographer!


Georgia geen

"The quality of all the pictures was definitely not cookie-cutter."

I'm so happy that I went through Taylor Lynn photography to get my senior pictures done. The photos came out great and I couldn't be happier with the outcome.I was quite nervous before the shoot, but Taylor made me feel perfectly at ease! The whole experience was so fun and stress free. She even showed me some of the pictures during the session to make sure I liked them. The lighting and quality of each picture was exactly what I was looking for. I would definitely recommend her!


Brooke Wooldridge

"the whole experience was so fun and stress free"

We were so grateful to have Taylor Lynn Photography recommended for Magen and Fred's wedding. She is a delight to work with and seemed invisible the whole day, yet from her pictures...she captured everything. Her eye for detail and recommended shots did not disappoint. She is kind, organized and very professional. Thanks for a beautiful day captured with great shots from Taylor Lynn photography!!


Magen + Fred

"Her eye for detail and recommended shots did not disappoint"

Taylor was very kind and understanding. She took the time to ensure she took the pictures that we were envisioning. She has a great eye and found great lighting and beautiful backgrounds. Also, she was very flexible with our wedding that got turned around only hours before it was supposed to begin. I cannot thank her enough for the beautiful pictures!


Josh + Sarah Beth

"she took the pictures that we were envisioning"

Taylor and I met at school last fall and I was immediately blown away by her love for people and photography. Both of the times I have worked with Taylor, she has made me feel so relaxed and natural in front of the camera. She came prepared with an abundance of poses in mind, but also incorporated our ideas into her own. Taylor was so incredibly patient with my family and our constant shenanigans and her positivity despite the 90 degree weather made the shoot so much fun for all of us. The pictures perfectly capture the love and laughter we share every day. I will definitely be contacting Taylor again in the future.


The Lee Family

"the pictures perfectly capture the love and laughter we share everyday"

Having my senior pictures done with Taylor was an absolute blast! I have never been extremely comfortable in front of a camera, but by the end of the session I could have told you modeling was my future career. Always smiling, she could not stop complimenting me or telling me how excited she was to edit the pictures she was taking. It is easy to tell when a person is passionate about what they do, and I’m glad I got a chance to see firsthand how passionate Taylor is about photography. She is efficient, yet thorough, with a clear vision and a good eye of just the right angle to snap a shot from. When I got to my session location, she had already planned out exactly where we would be going, and the correct time to do so in order to get the perfect lighting. Not only was she efficient at taking pictures, but also with editing them too. Within minutes of me leaving my site, she had already sent me a sneak peak of what my session looked like! I would absolutely get pictures done with Taylor again, and I recommend her for anyone looking to get some done!


Sarah Concepcion

"I’m glad I got a chance to see firsthand how passionate Taylor is"

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