I'm Taylor!

I'm a wedding and senior photographer based in Central Virginia! I love photography, but my heart beats for Jesus, people, and that handsome guy looking at me on the left! I've accepted my unhealthy addiction to sweet tea. However, if you see me with a coffee cup in hand, it's definitely not coffee -- it's always hot chocolate. I'm a newlywed, and being a wife is such a special role to be in.

I specialize in luxury wedding photography in Richmond, Virginia and beyond! I am passionate about love stories, giving my clients a personal experience, and sending them home with photos that will showcase a legacy of love for years to come. My hope is that your photos will be a constant reminder of your love for each other everyday.


Other Half

That handsome guy is by hubby!! We became fast friends after I sent him a direct message on Twitter a few months prior to our freshman year at Randolph-Macon. We finally met in person when we arrived for orientation in August. At the beginning of October of 2015, our dating relationship began. He's always been my best friend and my greatest encourager.

In December of 2018, Cameron asked me to be his wife. Since then, we've been planning a wedding for May 16, 2020. We love going on walks, taking day trips, and we can't wait to spend forever together with our fur-baby, Jacket.

Meet my

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Hello, friend! Welcome to my online home - I'm so glad you're here! Before we jump into all of the details, I'd love to share a little about me so you know what you're getting yourself into! Click through to learn about my favorite things!

My Favorite Things



These two keep me going and are my daily support system. Cameron and I love taking Jack to the park to run around! We rescued Jack in 2017 and our hearts have been overflowing since!

My Boys



My newest obsession! Chai tea lattes are my favorite addition to editing days! Sitting behind my computer, scrolling through beautiful photos, and a nice iced chai - the perfect combination!

Chai Tea Lattes



There's nothing sweeter than having professionally printed photos around. I love being able to look around my home and see photos and people I love at a glance. Print your photos, friends! It makes them so much more special!

Printed Photos



I've grown up in church and in a home that puts serving Jesus above everything else. I've been to Belize on missions every summer since 2012, and I am so thankful for the friends I have there.




The ones who have encouraged me to follow my dreams and love me unconditionally! I'm so grateful for my family and everything they've taught me. They're the best!

My Family


My Own Weddings

Yes...Weddings, plural

Our First Wedding
May 16, 2020

Our Second Wedding
August 9, 2020

When Cameron and I began planning our wedding, we never could have guessed that it would take place in the midst of a global pandemic. We also didn't realize how special it would be to celebrate our wedding twice. The first wedding was intimate with fewer than 10 people present. At our second wedding, we were surrounded by our friends and family! Though this season was different than we expected, it was filled with so many blessings and so much joy!



Taylor Lynn Photography is a Wedding and Portrait photographer located in Virginia. With a heart for serving others, she is a story-teller that believes every story is worth sharing and shining light on. As a believer, she uses her gifts to glorify God and serve others through an amazing and personable Client Experience - focused on giving and cultivating relationships with each of her Clients. 

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